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October 11, 2016

Modesto/Fresno ,CA USA

From the underground hardcore scene, a Hardcore/Metal band hailing from the Central Valley of California. Started out in 2009 with ex-members of "Ares" and "Liferuiner". They played their first show opening up for The Ghost Inside, and every since that first show they knew they were on to something good. Although they started out as a five piece with Aaron Sy, Christian Valenzuela, Jared Sims, Derek Rankin, and Mikel Arredondo. They had there typical beginning member changes and soon got the solid line up there at now with new Bass player Nick Mendoza(Chob) and adding another Guitar member Mikels little brother Tommy Arredondo.They all write their music about their personal experiences, whether people can relate or not they are a songs from the hearts of each member in the band. With the line up as solid as its ever gonna be today unfortunately the band isn't together anymore. RIP RECOGNIZE

Their full length "Revenge" is now on itunes. Here is a video from one of their hit songs "On To The Next."


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