Squarespace New York HQ

November 03, 2016

Website building service Squarespace has expanded into a vast new industrial space in New York’s West Village. The company’s headquarters now inhabits the historic Maltz Building, which originally functioned as a hub of manufacturing within the Printing House District, thus drawing a symbolic bond between the building’s once-important role in producing print material throughout the mid-20th century, and Squarespace’s own role in disseminating information in the modern world.

“While most tech companies have attempted to combine their workplaces with adult playgrounds, we took a slightly different approach. Our goal was to create an environment in which creativity, comfort, and collegiality could coexist,” explained a spokesperson for the company. Boasting plenty of natural lighting, plentiful spaces for communal working and a rooftop patio with unparalleled views of the Manhattan skyline, we wouldn’t blame Squarespace employees for never wanting to leave.


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