October 12, 2019

The MFG (Manufactured Goods) collection features a variety of simple bold traditional style tattoo designs, all with sayings that I can relate to and pretty sure can relate to a lot of people who appreciates the grind, been through the trenches, recognizes hard work and continue to work towards their goals despite what others may think. 
The first design "NO HAND OUTS" started off as just a canvas wall art decor. As soon as I put it out everyone wanted one for their house, rooms and offices... so I decided to make more canvases in different color ways.
The term that we use, MFG or Manufactured Goods is from building out these canvases. I literally printed on these cotton twill canvas roll media, cut them out and upholstered it over a stretched canvas frame all in house with my own two hands.
After the first one, realizing how much time it took to make and build from scratch we were very proud of our craft and thus decided to use the term, MFG in USA.
With this design doing so well we started designing more art with more phrases. I ended up dialing it down from many designs to just a few that we thought were up to par. Then I decided to make it different, I decided to do different colors... not just mutual colors but different enough to make them stand out but still stick with the core influence of the brand.
After about 3 designs and multiple color ways I decide to go even bolder, something I haven't really seen done with this style and them on a canvas decor; let alone clothing. Bright neon traditional style artwork with motivating phrases on a deep black background.
After these were launched it was time to finally print on some clothing... at first I was just going to print the colors we already designed but I didn't and Im glad I didn't.
I've been working on these design sets for almost a year now and barely released these on clothing garments. I wanted to make this as perfect as possible... to me. So back to the drawing board with different color pallets went to research the best garments that have the richest and deepest black fabric. After a while I narrowed it down to just 3 tees and 3 hoodies and only 3 designs. From the print quality, ink color choices, garment choices to the details of the hang tags and packaging... I was ready to release the

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