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July 19, 2020

After about a month since California reopened Governor Newson issued another mandatory "stay at home" order which was upsetting to thousands of residents because again, this isn't only hurting the economy but hurting the livelihoods of individuals who are unemployed, have businesses are struggling to get by and so forth... a stimulus check can only do so much smh. Either way, I won't get into too much details about it but we all know now that masks in public places are mandatory by law. As this makes no sense because wearing a mask breathing your own air helps in no way in strengthening your immune system; if anything it hinders it...
So this is why I decided to design this "F*CK THIS MASK" mask... we all know we have to wear it but we don't fucking want to... 
Not like our lightweight neoprene masks, we printed these on a double layered cotton mask with a breathing valve. I personally hate the all cotton ones because it's hard to breathe through them but with the valve, it makes a huge difference. 
We have restocked this mask twice already, selling out within minutes dropping over 200 each time; we are looking to restock again but just gotta knock out a few other priority items first. We are doing these in-house here so the lead times are usually faster. Anyways, stay on the look out for these masks! FUCK COVID 19 and FUCK THIS MASK.

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