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July 28, 2020

       With the drop of Top Thread's most recent collection, Model Kiley Garcia made a visit to the HQ to shoot the new T shirt releases. The collection included both the Fake Love and Stop Snitching' Designs.
       They began in the studio shooting some BTS of Kiley turning the T-shirts into Crop tops to fit her style. Randall Pinch, CEO than laid out several different looks with her that they would be shooting in the studio and around Huntington Beach. Danny, videographer and Alex, photographer, joined Randall in shooting Kiley in the studio- both capturing behind the scenes of the shoot. 
Following the studio work, Randall, Alex, Kiley and Deidra set out to shoot some lifestyle shots of the new threads. Randall brought his Harley along with a new top threads jacket to complete the styling of the collection as well. They began with the Fake Love Tee and shorts look before moving on to an edgier ensemble of the jacket with a white Lacey bra and jeans. As always the team had to get those unique shots, and Kiley climbed an over pass to get some shots hangin off of It and they made sure to stop traffic quickly to get those stand out shots of her in the middle of the street. While Alex shot photos of Kiley, RP did his thing filming a video of the shoot. 
They all then headed back to HQ to wrap up and shoot some final shots of the Stop Snitchin' Tee which included Alex's pitbull Kona making his modeling debut!

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